Final Cut Pro 6 - Recapturing Full-Resolution Media for Your Sequence

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Which Sequence Preset Should You Choose for Your Online Edit?

The format you choose in the “Set sequences to” pop-up menu depends on the
format of your original footage and the video hardware in your online editing system.
For example, if the format of your footage is DV, you choose a corresponding DV
sequence preset in the “Set sequences to” pop-up menu. If the format of your footage
is a non-DV format, such as Digital Betacam or HDCAM, you need to choose an
uncompressed sequence preset that corresponds to your third-party video interface.

Third-party interfaces usually come with pre-made sequence presets you can install
and choose in Final Cut Pro. If your editing system doesn’t have the appropriate third-
party presets installed, you need to install them on your system. Alternatively, you can
transfer your original sequence to the online editing system (which should contain
the appropriate sequence presets) and create your final sequence for recapturing
directly on that system.

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Chapter 5

Offline and Online Editing