Final Cut Pro 6 - Limiting How Much Media Is Copied or Deleted

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Limiting How Much Media Is Copied or Deleted

When you select clips to process with the Media Manager, keep in mind that those
items may be affiliated with other clips in your project. Specifically, a master clip, which
refers to a media file on your scratch disk, may have many affiliate clips located in
different sequences. When you process your media files in the Media Manager, some
options allow you to choose how much media is processed: only the portion referred
to by a single affiliated clip, or the portion of media referred to by the selected clip, its
master clip, and all other affiliated clips.

Consider the following scenario: there is a 10-minute media file called “Crowd Shot” on
your hard disk. A master clip in the Browser refers to the entire length of the Crowd
Shot media file, and In and Out points are set somewhere in the middle of the clip.
Throughout the course of editing, you drag the Crowd Shot master clip to two different
sequences (Sequence A and Sequence B) and use different portions of the media file in
each case. This creates two clips affiliated with the master, one in each sequence. Since
each affiliate clip has different In and Out points, each one refers to a different portion
of the same media file:

 The affiliate clip in Sequence A refers to the first 10 seconds of the Crowd Shot

media file.

 The affiliate clip in Sequence B uses the last 10 seconds of the same media file.
 The master clip in the Browser has In and Out points set at 10 seconds and

20 seconds, respectively.

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