Final Cut Pro 6 - Preserving Media Only for the Selected Item

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Preserving Media Only for the Selected Item

If you want to use the Media Manager to create a copy of Sequence A along with only
enough media to recreate Sequence A (and thus ignoring any other sequences or
master clips that might reference the same media file), you would do the following:


Select Sequence A in the Browser, then choose File > Media Manager.


Choose Copy from the Media pop-up menu.


Select “Duplicate selected items and place into new project.”


Select “Delete unused media from selected items.”


Deselect “Include master clips outside the selection.” This option ignores additional
media referred to by the master clip.

The resulting media file contains only the first 10 seconds of the original media file,
which is sufficient for recreating Sequence A, but not for recreating the original master
clip or the clip in Sequence B.