Final Cut Pro 6 - Summary Area

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Summary Area

The Summary area at the top describes what operation is about to be performed and
shows how much hard disk space the resulting media requires.

The Media Destination

area displays the location

on disk where new

media files will be


The Summary area

provides a text and

graphical overview

of the selected options

and how they affect your

project and media files.

Click here to choose
a location to store
selected items.

The Media area is where

you choose what you

want to do to the items

that you’ve selected.

The Project area
determines whether or
not a duplicate project
will be created.

Green segments
represent media files;
blue segments represent
render files.

Move the pointer over
a bar to view the disk
space for the specified

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Part I

Media and Project Management

 Original: This bar shows the total disk space used by the media files associated with

your current selection. This bar may be segmented if the media referenced by the
selected items is found on multiple disks.

 Modified: This bar displays the total disk space that will be used by the same items

after the Media Manager processes the media files. If you’re recompressing or
deleting unused media, the Modified bar is often shorter, so you can see how much
disk space the operation will save.

When you move the pointer over each section of the bar graph, a description appears
that displays the size, location, and duration of the media represented by that section.
Different colored segments represent different types of media, with media files
represented by green segments and render files represented by blue.