Final Cut Pro 6 - Moving Clips Between Projects

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Moving Clips Between Projects

For certain workflows, you may need to create multiple projects and move clips
between the projects. In Final Cut Pro, you can move a clip by dragging it from one
project tab to another or by copying and pasting a clip.

When you move or copy a clip from one project (called the source project) to another
(the destination project), Final Cut Pro checks to see if the destination project contains a
matching master clip. There are three possible outcomes:

 Clips do not match: If the destination project doesn’t contain any clips that match the

new clip, the new clip becomes a master clip in the destination project.

 Clips match exactly: If the destination project contains a clip that exactly matches the

new clip, Final Cut Pro adds the new clip and makes it an affiliate of the master that
already exists.

 Clips match but some properties are different: If a clip from the source project matches

a master clip in the destination project but one or more properties conflict,
Final Cut Pro displays the Copy Master Clip dialog and the conflicting properties are
highlighted in red.

Type of selected clip

Modify menu command

Master clip

Duplicate as New Master Clip

Affiliate clip in Browser

Make Master Clip

Affiliate clip in sequence

Make Independent Clip

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