Final Cut Pro 6 - About the Copy Master Clip Dialog

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About the Copy Master Clip Dialog

The Copy Master Clip dialog appears when you move or copy matching clips from one
project to another project and some clip properties are not the same. This dialog
contains three options for resolving matching clips with different properties:

 Use properties from the clip you are adding to the destination project.
 Use properties from the existing clip in the destination project.
 Create a new master clip (and affiliate clips, if necessary) with the properties from the

clip you are adding.

A fourth option, described below, allows you to apply the option you choose to all clips
added to your project.

Use Properties from the Clip You Are Adding

This option replaces a master clip’s properties in the project with the newly added clip’s
properties, and the two clips become affiliated.

Use Properties from the Existing Clip in This Project

This option ignores the added clip’s properties and leaves the destination master clip’s
properties unchanged. The two clips become affiliated.

Create a New Master Clip

This option creates a new clip in the destination project that contains all the properties
from the added clip. The original clip in the destination project is unchanged and
retains its old clip properties. Both sets of properties from the added clip and the clip in
the destination project now exist in the destination project. This is a good choice when
you want to retain properties, such as comments, from both clips.

Note: A new master clip is always created with this option, but it may not always
appear explicitly in the Browser. For more information, see “

Implicit and Explicit Master


” on page 48.

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Part I

Media and Project Management

Apply to All Added Clips with Clip Property Conflicts

If you are moving or copying multiple clips from one project to another, there may be
multiple clips with conflicting properties. To avoid checking this dialog for every
occurrence of matching clips, you can select “Apply to all added clips with clip property
conflicts.” This option handles every master clip conflict automatically using the option
you selected in the Copy Master Clip dialog.