Final Cut Pro 6 - Implicit and Explicit Master Clips

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Implicit and Explicit Master Clips

Suppose you have a sequence that contains a lot of copies of the same clip. All of these
clips are affiliate clips with a single master clip in the Browser. If you delete the master
clip in the Browser, your project still contains the master clip information even though
the master clip can no longer explicitly be seen in the Browser. This means that the
affiliate clips still share their properties, which are stored in the implicit (now invisible)
master clip.

You shouldn’t delete master clips without a good reason, but if you do, your affiliate
clips won’t lose their property affiliations. It’s easy to make the master clip explicit by
dragging an affiliate clip from the Timeline to the Browser or by choosing View >
Reveal Master Clip with an affiliate clip selected. When Final Cut Pro does not have an
explicit master clip in the Browser to reveal, it asks if you want to create one.