Final Cut Pro 6 - Avoid Nested Sequences

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Avoid Nested Sequences

Nested sequences, or sequences within a sequence, should not be used if you are
exporting an EDL. To prevent confusion, you can create a duplicate of your edited
sequence and simplify sections where there are nested sequences.

To replace a nested sequence with its clip content for EDL export:


Duplicate your edited sequence.

By working with the copy, you can still get back to your original sequence if necessary.


Double-click the duplicated edited sequence to open it in the Timeline.


Option-double-click the nested sequence in the Timeline so that it opens in the Viewer.

The Viewer now contains the nested sequence and the Timeline contains the
edited sequence.


In the Timeline, move the playhead to the first frame of the nested sequence.


Press Command-F10.

This is the default keyboard shortcut for the Overwrite Sequence Content command (as
opposed to F10, which performs an overwrite into the Timeline using a nested sequence).


Export this sequence as an EDL.