Final Cut Pro 6 - Keep Track of Duplicate Frames

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Keep Track of Duplicate Frames

You can use the Final Cut Pro duplicate frames indicators to keep track of whether you
use a clip more than once within a single edited sequence. Duplicated frames are marked
by a colored bar appearing at the bottom of the clip’s video item in the Timeline.

If you have warning in advance, you can reedit your sequence to eliminate the
duplicates, if necessary. This is most important for film editing, where duplicating
frames is a much more involved process than with video.

Each separate instance of duplicated frames is color-coded differently. There are six
different colors used to indicate separate sets of duplicated frames: red, green, blue,
white, black, and purple. If there are more than six sets of duplicate frames in your
sequence, these colors are reused.

Note: If a duplicated instance of a clip has variable speed applied to it, no duplicate
frames indicator appears.

You can adjust the parameters that determine when duplicate frames indicators appear in
the Editing tab of User Preferences. For more information, see “

Editing Tab

” on page 309.