Final Cut Pro 6 - Limitations of EDLs

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Limitations of EDLs

Today’s nonlinear editing systems store much more information about clips and
sequences than older tape-to-tape systems. When you export a sequence as an EDL,
only the most basic edit information is retained. To assure that your sequence is
exported accurately, it’s a good idea to keep the sequence simple.

For the best EDL results, avoid using the following elements in your sequence:

 Nested sequences
 Clips on video tracks above V2
 Video and audio filters
 Motion and filter parameters and keyframes
 Non-SMPTE standard transitions

Note: An EDL can represent only a single sequence, not an entire project.

Tip: If you need to modify a sequence to prepare it for EDL export, duplicate the
sequence and work on the copy instead. This way you can always get back to the
original sequence if necessary.

In the duplicated sequence, remove motion settings, filters, and nonstandard
transitions. Move all clips to video track V1. You can use video track V2 for
superimposed (key) effects, such as titles.


If you name disks and folders with double-byte characters, Final Cut Pro

may not be able to export or import EDLs. To avoid this problem, export to or import
from disks and folders with names that do not contain double-byte characters.

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Chapter 10

Importing and Exporting EDLs