Final Cut Pro 6 - Reviewing an EDL

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Reviewing an EDL

After you’ve exported an EDL, you should open the text file to compare it to your
original sequence. You can open most EDL formats directly in a text editing application.


It’s best to avoid making changes to the contents of an EDL file. If you do

make changes to the EDL, make sure you don’t change the formatting (such as
accidentally adding or deleting whitespace characters like space, tab, or return
characters); otherwise, the resulting EDL may not be interpreted properly. Also, make
sure you always save the file in a plain-text format (.txt), not Rich-Text Format (.rtf ).

You can open an EDL in Final Cut Pro to review it. This is different from importing an
EDL, which actually translates the EDL into a new sequence.

To open an Edit Decision List:


Choose File > Open.


Locate the EDL file, select it, then click Open.