Final Cut Pro 6 - Using EDL Access for RT-11 Disks

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Using EDL Access for RT-11 Disks

Many older linear editing systems (such as CMX and GVG) store EDLs on 720K
double-density floppy disks that are formatted with a file system known as RT-11


. If

you are transferring your EDL to one of these editing systems, you need to transfer
your EDL file to this kind of floppy disk.

EDL Access

is an application that you can use to format, read, and write to RT-11

formatted disks. EDL Access is included on the Final Cut Pro installer disc. You can use
EDL Access to copy an EDL file to or from an RT-11 formatted disk using a third-party
USB floppy disk drive.

Note: Editing systems manufactured by Sony Corporation use the DOS file format. For
these editing systems, you can copy the EDL file directly to a DOS-formatted disk.