Final Cut Pro 6 - Using CinemaTools with FinalCutPro

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Using Cinema Tools with Final Cut Pro

You can edit most projects directly in Final Cut Pro without needing to open
Cinema Tools. When necessary, Cinema Tools may open in the background to create or
update a database file. If necessary, you can always open Cinema Tools to directly
manage specific fields in a database, such as to correct inaccurate edge code numbers.

Steps Performed from

Final Cut Pro

How Cinema Tools

Is Involved

Process clips (if needed)

• Reverse telecine

• Conform (25 @ 24)

Synchronize captured clips

with Cinema Tools database

Edit clips

Import a log into the

Final Cut Pro project,

creating the offline clips

for capture

Batch capture clips

Export lists

Cinema Tools

creates the lists

Cinema Tools

does the processing

A new Cinema Tools

database is created

The clips are connected to
the Cinema Tools database

Create a new

Final Cut Pro project

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Chapter 12

Working with Film and Cinema Tools