Final Cut Pro 6 - How CinemaTools Relates FinalCutPro Sequence Clips toDatabaseRecords

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How Cinema Tools Relates Final Cut Pro Sequence Clips
to Database Records

When you are creating a film list from Final Cut Pro, Cinema Tools has two methods
to relate each clip to records in a database.

 Clip name matching: The first thing Cinema Tools tries to do is match the clip name

used in a Final Cut Pro sequence to a clip name in the corresponding Cinema Tools
database. If a match is found, the clip in the database is used to supply information
to the film list. If a matching database record cannot be found based on clip name,
Cinema Tools switches to the timecode-based matching method.

 Timecode matching: If clip name matching fails, Cinema Tools tries to match a

sequence clip’s video reel number and timecode with a record in the Cinema Tools
database. If this method fails, a missing element note is made in the cut list.

This means you can get accurate film lists whether or not you connect the clips to the
Cinema Tools database. If you don’t connect clips to the database, however, you must
use care to not alter the clip’s timecode and make sure the video reel number is
exactly the same as is in the database.

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Chapter 12

Working with Film and Cinema Tools