Final Cut Pro 6 - Device Settings Tab

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Device Settings Tab

The Device Settings tab is a convenient location for choosing a device control preset
that’s compatible with your output deck. You can also choose a device control
preset automatically by choosing a different Easy Setup.

Master tape timecode

Leader element




30 seconds


Color bars and tone

60 seconds



10 seconds


Slate (for broadcast or audio
post facility)

Black (for dubbing)

10 seconds


Countdown with 2-pop

10 seconds


Program start

Duration depends on movie

If necessary, choose
device control and
capture settings from
the pop-up menus.

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Chapter 14

Assemble and Insert Editing Using Edit to Tape



 Device Control: Choose a device control preset that matches your particular video

equipment. For more information, see Chapter 26, “

Device Control

Settings and Presets

,” on page 349.

 Capture/Input: This pop-up menu is exclusively used when you show video in the

Edit to Tape window during the preview of an insert edit. This allows you to see what
the edit will look like on tape, including the video before the tape In point and video
after the tape Out point, without actually committing the edit to tape. During the
pre-roll and post-roll of the preview, you see video from tape displayed in
Final Cut Pro. Between the tape In and Out points, you see the video output from
Final Cut Pro. To successfully see video from the tape before and after the edit, you
need to choose corresponding input settings. Since preview editing involves
temporary video input, capture presets are used.

For more information about capture presets, see Chapter 25, “

Capture Settings and


,” on page 339.

Note: Despite the name of this pop-up menu, you are not actually capturing footage.
When you preview an insert edit to tape, you’re viewing what’s already on tape
during the pre-roll and post-roll periods of the edit. The only way to preview your
edits with material before and after your edit is to view, or “capture,” material that’s
on the tape.