Final Cut Pro 6 - About the Export QuickTime Movie Command

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About the Export QuickTime Movie Command

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Choosing the Type of QuickTime Movie to Export

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Exporting a QuickTime Movie File

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Exporting QuickTime Movies with Markers

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About the Export QuickTime Movie Command

With Final Cut Pro, you can export sequences or clips as QuickTime movie files using
the Export QuickTime Movie command. This command is unique for several reasons:

 It allows you to choose video and audio settings from the installed sequence presets,

as opposed to the unlimited options available from the Export Using QuickTime
Conversion command.

 You can quickly export QuickTime reference movie files instead of self-contained

media files, significantly reducing the size of the exported file.

 If the sequence settings of the selected clip or sequence match your export settings,

you can choose not to recompress any of the media during export. This avoids
generational loss due to recompression, and makes the export process faster.

Note: The Export Using QuickTime Conversion command always recompresses your
media when it exports, even if your export settings match the settings of your
selected clip or sequence.

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