Final Cut Pro 6 - Exporting a QuickTime Movie for DVD Use

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Exporting a QuickTime Movie for DVD Use

The process of exporting your movie as a standard QuickTime file is the same whether
you plan to use iDVD or DVD Studio Pro for creating a DVD.

To export a QuickTime movie for use in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro:


In Final Cut Pro, choose File > Export > QuickTime Movie.


Configure settings in the Save dialog.

In most cases, you will leave the Setting pop-up menu at Current Settings and include
both audio and video. If you have created any markers, choose DVD Studio Pro Markers
from the Markers pop-up menu. iDVD and DVD Studio Pro can use either self-contained
or reference movies, allowing you to decide whether to make the movie self-contained
based on other requirements (disk space and so on).


When you’re ready, click Save.

For more information, including detailed information on settings, see Chapter 17,

Exporting QuickTime Movies

,” on page 237.