Final Cut Pro 6 - About QuickTime Aperture Display Modes

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About QuickTime Aperture Display Modes

QuickTime 7.1 and later supports four aperture display modes that allow you to
properly display video with nonsquare pixels (such as DV video) in QuickTime Player
and other applications that support these modes. The four aperture display modes in
QuickTime are:

 Encoded Pixels

To change the aperture display mode of a QuickTime movie:


Make sure a QuickTime Pro registration code is entered in the Register tab of the
QuickTime pane in System Preferences.


Open a QuickTime movie in QuickTime Player.


Choose Window > Show Movie Properties.


In the Properties window, select the main movie track (not the video or sound tracks).


Click Presentation, then choose an aperture mode from the “Conform aperture to”
pop-up menu.


If you are not exporting a QuickTime movie for web distribution, make sure

you deselect the Prepare for Internet Streaming checkbox in the Movie Settings dialog.

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Chapter 18

Exporting Using QuickTime Conversion