Final Cut Pro 6 - Movie File Formats

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Movie File Formats

File formats are the overarching structure used to store data. Different movie file
formats place video and audio media in different parts of the file, as well as the
associated metadata. The most commonly used media file formats supported by
QuickTime are described below.

AVI, or Audio Video Interleave, is a PC-compatible standard for digital video. This file
type is no longer officially supported by Microsoft, but it’s still frequently used. The AVI
format supports fewer codecs than QuickTime for video and audio and is mainly useful
for Windows delivery of video for multimedia use.

DV Stream
DV Stream files multiplex audio and video together digitally on a DV videotape. These
files are primarily for use with iMovie. Final Cut Pro converts DV streams to QuickTime
movies with independent video and audio tracks during capture.

MPEG-2 is a video standard used for modern digital video format, including digital
television broadcast and DVD.

MPEG-4 is an open standard video format intended for cross-platform, Internet, and
multimedia delivery of video and audio content.

QuickTime Movie
This is a general-purpose media format that can contain multiple video, audio, text, and
other tracks. This is the native file format used by Final Cut Pro for capturing and export.