Final Cut Pro 6 - How Do You Export the Files You Need?

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How Do You Export the Files You Need?

There are two commands in Final Cut Pro that you use to output QuickTime content.

 Export QuickTime Movie: This command allows you to export your Final Cut Pro

sequence as a QuickTime movie, choosing from available sequence presets and
including markers for use in other applications (such as DVD Studio Pro).

 Export Using QuickTime Conversion: Choose this to export QuickTime-compatible file

types from your clips or sequences:

 A broadcast-quality, full resolution, uncompressed QuickTime file
 A still image
 A numbered image sequence
 A highly compressed QuickTime file for multimedia or web use
 Audio only

If you want to export a file that uses the same settings as those of your clip or sequence,
the Export QuickTime Movie command might be what you need for a quick output. For
more information, see the next section, “

The Export QuickTime Movie Command


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Part III


The Export Using QuickTime Conversion command gives you more flexibility,
particularly in terms of the type of compression and file formats supported. For more
information, see “

The Export Using QuickTime Conversion Command

” on page 236.