Final Cut Pro 6 - The Export QuickTime Movie Command

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The Export QuickTime Movie Command

The Export QuickTime Movie command creates a new QuickTime movie file. You can
use this command to export Final Cut Pro clips or sequences with their current settings
or any of the sequence settings available in Final Cut Pro.

This command allows you to choose settings based on sequence presets in
Final Cut Pro. You can also choose to use the existing settings of the clip or sequence
you are exporting, or create customized settings in a custom Sequence Preset Editor. If
you are exporting using the existing settings, you can choose whether or not to
recompress the frames.

If you want to export your movie in a completely different format, such as a QuickTime
movie file with a video codec used for the web, you should use the Export Using
QuickTime Conversion command instead. If you are exporting with the same settings
as your sequence, or if you want to convert to some other video format commonly
supported by Final Cut Pro, you should use the Export QuickTime Movie command.