Final Cut Pro 6 - What Is QuickTime?

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What Is QuickTime?

QuickTime is Apple’s multiplatform, multimedia technology for handling video, sound,
animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music. As a cross-platform technology,
QuickTime can deliver content on Mac OS and Windows computers. Many applications,
including Final Cut Pro, use the powerful architecture of QuickTime to view, create,
import, and export media.

QuickTime supports most major video, audio, and graphics file formats. It works with
local disk-based media, media accessed over a network, and streams of real-time data.
QuickTime supports a wide variety of video and audio codecs and can be extended
with third-party codecs.

QuickTime technology is comprised of:

 A suite of applications (most notably, QuickTime Player)
 An environment for media authoring
 A movie file format

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