Final Cut Pro 6 - The QuickTime Suite of Software Applications

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The QuickTime Suite of Software Applications

When someone mentions QuickTime, people often think of the free media player
developed by Apple. However, QuickTime is much more than just that. QuickTime
comprises a suite of applications that allow you to play, edit, and manipulate your
media. The QuickTime software includes:

 QuickTime Player: Apple’s free easy-to-use application for playing, interacting with,

or viewing video, audio, virtual reality (VR), or graphics files that are compatible
with QuickTime.

 QuickTime Pro: An enhanced version of QuickTime Player that provides an

abundance of media authoring capabilities. With it, you can create movies, play
movies full screen, save files from the Internet, edit audio and video, add special
effects, create slideshows, and convert and save video, audio, and images to more
than a hundred standard file formats.

Additional QuickTime video streaming software is also available. Some of this
software is available as free downloads or already installed with Mac OS X; other
components are available for a fee. For details, go to Apple’s QuickTime website at