Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing Video and Audio Outputs

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Choosing Video and Audio Outputs

Make sure that the A/V devices settings of your Easy Setup match the configuration of
your external video and audio equipment.

To view a summary of your Easy Setup:


Choose Edit > Easy Setup.

If none of your Easy Setups matches your video and audio configuration, you can
choose the correct settings in the A/V Devices tab of the Audio/Video Settings window.
For example, if you are outputting via FireWire, choose an available FireWire output
such as Apple FireWire NTSC or PAL in the Video pop-up menu in the Playback Output
section of the A/V Devices tab.

This setting sends video out from the appropriate video output, whether it’s the FireWire
port or a third-party video interface. You can also choose an audio interface for output.
For more information on configuring custom external video settings, see Volume I,
Chapter 14, “External Video Monitoring.” For information on external audio settings, see
Volume 1, Chapter 12, “Connecting Professional Video and Audio Equipment.”

Make sure the external
video and audio settings
in your Easy Setup match
the way you configured
your video equipment.

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Chapter 13

Preparing to Output to Tape