Final Cut Pro 6 - Creating Encoding Jobs in Compressor

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Creating Encoding Jobs in Compressor

To add a QuickTime movie to the Compressor encoding queue, you need to create an
encoding job. An encoding job contains a single source media file and settings for one
or more output files.

To open Compressor:


In the Finder, choose Go > Applications.

The frontmost Finder window displays the Applications folder on your computer.


Navigate to the Compressor application in the Applications folder, then double-click
the Compressor icon.

To submit a QuickTime movie to Compressor for encoding:


Choose Job > New Job With File (or press Command-I).


Select a media file, then click Open.

An encoding job for the selected media file appears in the Batch window.

You can also create QuickTime movies by dragging one or more media files from the
Finder directly to the Batch window.