Final Cut Pro 6 - Changing Audio/Video Presets

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Changing Audio/Video Presets

You can easily set up your Final Cut Pro editing system by choosing an Easy Setup that
matches your video format and equipment. However, if none of the predefined Easy
Setups matches your capture, editing, or output scenario, you have several options:

 Change individual presets or the external A/V devices settings: You can choose presets

and an external video setting that work for your media and project. The newly
selected presets or external video and audio settings apply to all new projects
and sequences.

 Edit an existing preset: Final Cut Pro comes with predefined presets, some of which

are locked and cannot be modified. However, you can create a new preset by
duplicating an existing one and editing it. For more information, see “

Creating a New


” on page 330.

 Create a custom Easy Setup: If you regularly use a specific set of presets and external

A/V device settings that aren’t contained in one of the predefined Easy Setups, you
can create your own Easy Setup. For information, see “

Creating and Modifying Easy


” on page 332.