Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing Individual Presets

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Choosing Individual Presets

If a preset doesn’t suit your needs, you can choose another one in the Summary tab
of the Audio/Video Settings window. The preset you choose then applies to all new
projects and sequences. For example, if you’re currently using the DV-NTSC Easy Setup,
the following presets are used:

 Sequence Preset: DV NTSC 48 kHz
 Capture Preset: DV NTSC 48 kHz
 Device Control Preset: FireWire NTSC
 Playback Output Video: Apple FireWire NTSC (720 x 480)
 Playback Output Audio: FireWire DV

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Part IV

Settings and Preferences

But suppose you switch to a video deck that doesn’t support remote device control. In
this case, you need to change the device control preset to Non-Controllable Device; the
two other presets and the external video setting remain unchanged.

To choose a different preset for your current setup:


Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings.


In the Summary tab, choose a preset from the appropriate pop-up menu, then click OK.

If you’re unsure which preset to choose, you can view a preset’s settings. For more
information, see “

Viewing Settings in a Preset

” on page 329.

If none of the existing presets matches your needs, you can create a custom preset. For
more information, see “

Creating a New Preset

” on page 330.

When you choose a different preset, the current Easy Setup changes to Custom Setup
in the Setup For pop-up menu. However, if you happen to select presets and an
external video setting that match that of another Easy Setup, Final Cut Pro shows that
you have that Easy Setup selected.

Note: The Final Cut Pro preferences file actually stores all presets and Easy Setups
currently selected for use. If your preferences file is deleted, you need to reconfigure
your system by choosing an Easy Setup or a custom combination of presets.

After you change a
preset (or external video
setting), your current
Easy Setup is customized.

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Chapter 24

Audio/Video Settings and Easy Setups