Final Cut Pro 6 - Editing a Preset

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Editing a Preset

You can edit any preset that is not locked.

To edit a preset:


Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings, then click the tab for the type of preset
you want to edit.


Click the preset you want to modify, then click Edit.

If the preset is locked, a message appears saying a copy will be made for editing.


In the Preset Editor window, modify settings as needed, then click OK.

For detailed information about settings and options for a particular kind of preset, see
one of the following:


About Sequence Settings and Presets

” on page 362


About Capture Preset Settings

” on page 339


About Device Control Presets

” on page 349

The new preset
appears in the
pop-up menu.

Then click Edit.

Click the preset

you want to edit.

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