Final Cut Pro 6 - Creating an Easy Setup

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Creating an Easy Setup

If you routinely use a particular group of capture, sequence, and device control presets,
you can create and save your own Easy Setup. Whenever you need those settings, you
can choose your custom Easy Setup instead of manually selecting specific settings or
choosing particular presets.

Note: By default, the Easy Setup files you create are stored in the following location:
/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Custom Settings/

The presets stored in the Easy Setups in this folder are displayed as unlocked items in
each preset tab in the Audio/Video Settings window.

To create a custom Easy Setup:


Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings.


In the Summary tab, choose the desired presets.

For more information, see “

Choosing Individual Presets

” on page 327. If you want to

create a custom preset, see “

Creating a New Preset

” on page 330.


Choose video and audio playback settings.

For more information, see Volume I, Chapter 14, “External Video Monitoring.”


Click Create Easy Setup.


If you want Final Cut Pro to check for device control every time you start the application,
click the checkbox labeled “Enable verification of device control in first start dialog.”


Enter a name and description for your new Easy Setup, then click Create.


Enter a filename and location if you don’t want to use the defaults.


Click Save.

Your new Easy Setup is automatically selected and appears in the Setup For pop-up menu.

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