Final Cut Pro 6 - Example:Creating a Custom Preset and Easy Setup

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Example: Creating a Custom Preset and Easy Setup

The following example shows how to create a custom Easy Setup for capturing
DV NTSC video from a Betacam SP deck using a USB-to-serial adapter for serial device
control and a DV converter box. You can use the existing sequence and capture presets
and external video setting, but you need to create a new device control preset.

To create a custom Easy Setup for capturing DV NTSC video from a Betacam SP deck:


Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings.


In the Summary tab, choose DV NTSC 48kHz from the Sequence Preset pop-up menu.


Choose DV NTSC 48kHz from the Capture Preset pop-up menu.


Choose Apple FireWire NTSC (720 x 480) from the Video Playback pop-up menu.


Click the Device Control Presets tab to create a new preset for serial device control.


Click Duplicate to create a new preset using the current device control preset.


In the Device Control Preset Editor, change the name to “Betacam SP Serial
Device Control.”


Change the description to “Use this preset when controlling your Betacam SP deck
using RS-422 serial device control.”


Choose Sony RS-422 from the Protocol pop-up menu.


In the Audio Mapping pop-up menu, choose the number of audio channels your
deck accepts when recording.


Choose LTC+VITC from the Time Source pop-up menu.


Click OK.

Eventually, you’ll need to calibrate the timecode offset for your hardware setup and
enter it in this custom device control preset to ensure frame-accurate video capture.
For more information, see “

Calibrating Timecode Capture with Serial Device Control

on page 357.

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Part IV

Settings and Preferences


Click the Summary tab.

The Device Control Preset pop-up menu is now set to the newly created preset,
Betacam SP Serial Device Control.


Click Create Easy Setup.


Enter a name and description for your new Easy Setup, then click Create.


Enter a filename and location if you don’t want to use the defaults, then click Save.