Final Cut Pro 6 - Loading Settings from a Network Server

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Loading Settings from a Network Server

Each time Final Cut Pro is opened, it checks two local directories for Easy Setups,
plug-ins, window and keyboard layouts, button bars, and so on. The local directories
that Final Cut Pro checks are:

 /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/
 /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Settings/

In addition, Final Cut Pro can also check the directory path /Network/Library/
Application Support/Final Cut Pro/ for additional settings and plug-ins. This directory
path is accessible if:

 Your computer is connected to a server using Mac OS X Server software
 Your system administrator has properly configured the accounts within your local

network so that your computer has access to the directory /Network/Library/
Application Support/Final Cut Pro/

For more information about setting up accounts within your local network, contact
your system administrator or see the documentation included with the Mac OS X
Server software.

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