Final Cut Pro 6 - General Settings for Capture Presets

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General Settings for Capture Presets

 Name: The name of the capture preset appears in the Audio/Video Settings window

in two places: the Capture Preset pop-up menu in the Summary tab, and the list of
presets in the Capture Presets tab.

 Description: This is a brief description, or summary, of what the preset is to be used for.
 Frame Size: These are the horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions of the video frame

you are capturing. You can choose a frame size from the Aspect Ratio pop-up menu.
To use a different frame size, choose Custom, then enter frame size in the Width and
Height fields.

 Anamorphic: Select this option if you’re capturing anamorphic 16:9 media from a

4:3 video format.

 Capture Card Supports Simultaneous Play Through and Capture: Select this option if

your video interface card can display video on an external video monitor while the
Log and Capture window is open for video capture. This allows you to externally
monitor your video while it is being captured, judging its quality after it has gone
through the capture card. For more information, see the documentation that came
with your card.

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Chapter 25

Capture Settings and Presets



 Remove Advanced Pulldown and/or Duplicate Frames During Capture From FireWire

Sources: Some camcorders, such as the Panasonic DVX100 or Varicam, can record
alternate frame rates within a standard frame rate. For example, the DVX100 can
record 23.98 fps video within 29.97 fps by adding an advanced 2:3:3:2 pull-down.
The Varicam can record multiple frame rates, such as 23.98 fps (720p24) by adding
redundant frames within a 59.94 fps (720p60) video signal. When this option is
selected, Final Cut Pro removes the redundant fields or frames during capture. If this
option is not selected, all the redundant frames are captured. You can remove
redundant frames later by choosing Tools > Remove Advanced Pulldown.

For more information about working with multiple frame rate video formats in
Final Cut Pro, see Working With High Definition and Broadcast Formats (choose
HD and Broadcast Formats from the Help menu.)

 High-Quality Video Play Through: Select this option to display DV-format video at

higher quality in the Log and Capture window.