Final Cut Pro 6 - Search Folders Tab

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Search Folders Tab

When reconnecting clips to media files, Final Cut Pro uses the folders assigned in this
tab to search for media. The folders listed here appear in the Search Folders pop-up
menu in the Reconnect Files dialog, allowing you to limit your media search to specific
media drives and folders. This is helpful when you have a large number of disks that
contain footage for multiple projects, or when you are using a SAN (storage area

Tip: Searching a SAN or subdirectories of an HFS+ volume can be more
time-consuming than searching an entire HFS+ volume, so you can speed up the
search processes performed when reconnecting media by limiting which folders
Final Cut Pro searches on your SAN.

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Chapter 23

Choosing Settings and Preferences



To add or replace a search folder:


Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Search Folders tab.


Do one of the following:

 Click the last Set button to add a new search folder.
 Click Set next to an existing search folder to replace it.

The Choose a Folder dialog appears.


Navigate to the search folder you want to use in the Reconnect Files dialog, then
click Choose.


Click OK.

The current list of search folders appears in the Search Folders pop-up menu in the
Reconnect Files dialog.

For more information, see Chapter 6, “

Reconnecting Clips and Offline Media

,” on

page 69.

To remove a search folder:


Click Clear next to the search folder you want to remove from the list.

Note: When a mounted volume is missing, Final Cut Pro displays the message ”[Volume
] is missing.”