Final Cut Pro 6 - About Device Control Presets

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About Device Control Presets

A device control preset is a group of settings (protocol, connection port, frame rate and
timecode information) that define how Final Cut Pro controls a device such as a
camcorder, VTR, or audio player. Remote control communication between Final Cut Pro
and your video deck allows you to log tapes, automatically batch capture multiple clips,
and output video to specific portions of a tape. The remote device control connection
is also the interface for sending and receiving timecode information between a
computer and a video device.

In most cases, creating your own device control preset isn’t necessary. You can usually
choose a device control preset whose name matches your equipment. However, if you
want precise control over each detail of how your device and Final Cut Pro communicate,
you can adjust each device control setting and create your own custom presets.

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