Final Cut Pro 6 - Device Control Protocols Supported by FinalCutPro

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Device Control Protocols Supported by Final Cut Pro

The following is a list of the device control protocols you can use in Final Cut Pro. Not all
protocols are compatible with all features. See the documentation that came with your
camcorder or deck for more information on the device control specification it uses, or
visit the Final Cut Pro website at


 Apple FireWire or Apple FireWire Basic
 HDV 1080i50 FireWire
 HDV FireWire NTSC
 Sony RS-422
 Sony RS-232: (SVO-2100) 9.6K; (SVO-2100) 19.2K; (UVW-1400) 9.6K; (UVW-1400) 19.2K

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Chapter 26

Device Control Settings and Presets



 Sony LANC (via Addenda RS-4/L)
 Panasonic RS-232 and RS-422
 JVC RS-232

Note: RS-422 uses serial cables that are different from RS-232 cables. For more
information on cables and their availability, see the information that came with your
device. You can buy these cables at specialty video equipment or electronics retailers.