Final Cut Pro 6 - Audio Outputs Tab

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Audio Outputs Tab

The settings in this tab allow you to define the number of audio output channels
available for your sequence, using whatever video or audio interface is connected to
your computer.

New sequences are created with the audio output preset chosen in the User
Preferences window. Once a sequence is created, you can choose a different audio
output preset by selecting the sequence, choosing Sequence > Settings, then clicking
the Audio Outputs tab.

By default, a stereo preset is selected, which works with the built-in audio output in
your computer, as well as with most DV camcorders and third-party video capture
interfaces. If you have a more sophisticated audio interface chosen in the A/V Devices
tab of the Audio/Video Settings window, you can create a new preset to route audio to
these additional audio output channels. For more information on choosing an external
audio interface in the Audio/Video Settings window, see Volume III, Chapter 2,
“Assigning Output Channels and External Audio Monitors.”

Settings in the Audio

Outputs tab

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Sequence Settings and Presets



The Audio Outputs tab has the following settings:

 Outputs pop-up menu: This pop-up menu allows you to specify the number of audio

outputs available on your external audio interface. This menu defaults to two output
channels for simple stereo output. Additional output channels can be added in pairs.
You can specify as many as 12 pairs of audio outputs, or 24 total outputs.

 Channel Settings boxes: Each pair of outputs has its own settings box, each with its

own set of controls. Adding pairs of outputs adds additional settings boxes.

 Channel number: This number defines which output channel the controls affect.
 Downmix pop-up menu: Commands in this menu determine the amount, in dB, by

which an output channel should be attenuated (lowered) or boosted (raised) when
audio is downmixed to stereo—either for output to video or as a QuickTime movie
or audio file, or when the downmix box in the Audio Mixer tab is checked. When
downmixing, audio output channels can be modified from +10 dB to –10 dB, or
turned off altogether. For more information about setting proper downmix levels,
see Volume III, Chapter 2, “Assigning Output Channels and External Audio Monitors.”

 Stereo Grouping buttons: These buttons define whether a given pair of audio

output channels is stereo or mono. Sequence tracks assigned to stereo pairs of
outputs have pan enabled. A single downmix pop-up menu sets the downmix
level for both channels in the pair, which defaults to 0 dB. Sequence tracks
assigned to dual mono pairs of outputs have no stereo output, and the panning
slider for that track is disabled. Two downmix pop-up menus appear, one for each
channel, which default to –3 dB. For more information about how to set proper
downmix levels, see Volume III, Chapter 2, “Assigning Output Channels and
External Audio Monitors.”

Note: When you move a Final Cut Pro project file to another system along with its
sequences, those sequences retain the audio output setting with which they were
originally created, regardless of the number of audio output channels available on
that system.

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