Final Cut Pro 6 - Recording High Frame Rates for Slow Motion Effects

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Recording High Frame Rates for Slow Motion Effects

Despite the increased cost and effort, there are cases where shooting higher frame rates
is useful. Slow motion effects are created by recording hundreds of frames per second
and then playing the same frames back at a slower rate. For example, a bullet shattering
a light bulb may take only a fraction of second, seeming almost instantaneous to
anyone watching. If a camera records the light bulb a thousand times per second and
then a projector plays the frames back at 24 fps, the movie on screen will take almost
40 times as long (1000 fps ÷ 24 fps = 41.6 seconds). The higher the frame rate, the more
temporal (time) resolution your footage has, which means it can be slowed down to
show detailed moments that would otherwise be a blur. Shooting at high frame rates
also requires more light, because there is less time to expose each frame.

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