Final Cut Pro 6 - Contacting AppleCare Support

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Contacting AppleCare Support

Included in your Final Cut Pro package is documentation about the support options
available from Apple. Several levels of support are available, depending on your needs.

Whatever your issue, it’s a good idea to have the following information immediately
available. The more of this information you have ready to give to the support agents,
the faster they will be able to address your issue.

 The Support ID number that came with Final Cut Pro. This number is different from

the software serial number that is used to activate your copy of Final Cut Pro.

 The version of Mac OS X you have installed. This information is available by choosing

About This Mac from the Apple menu.

 The version of Final Cut Pro you have installed, including updates if applicable. The

version number can be viewed by choosing Final Cut Pro > About Final Cut Pro.

 The model of computer you are using.
 How much RAM is installed in your computer, and how much is available to

Final Cut Pro. You can find out how much RAM is installed by choosing About This
Mac from the Apple menu in the Finder. The amount of RAM available to Final Cut Pro
can be found in the Application field in the Memory & Cache tab of the System
Settings window.

 What other third-party hardware is connected to or installed in the computer, and who

the manufacturers are. Include hard disks, video graphics cards, interfaces, and so on.

 Any third-party plug-ins or other software installed along with Final Cut Pro.

AppleCare Support can be reached online at


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