Final Cut Pro 6 - Resources for Solving Problems

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Resources for Solving Problems

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Solutions to Common Problems

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Contacting AppleCare Support

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Resources for Solving Problems

If you run into problems while working with Final Cut Pro, there are several resources
you can use to find a solution.

 This appendix: This appendix includes information about some of the most frequent

issues users encounter. Problems are grouped by category.

 Release Notes: The Release Notes document, available from the Final Cut Pro Help

menu, provides up-to-date information that didn’t make it into the manual. Be sure
to consult this document as soon as you install or upgrade Final Cut Pro.

 AppleCare Knowledge Base: AppleCare Support maintains a database of common

support issues that is updated and expanded to include new issues as they arise. This
is an excellent, free resource for Final Cut Pro users. To access the AppleCare Knowledge
Base, go to the AppleCare support page at


 AppleCare Support: There are a variety of support options available to Final Cut Pro

customers. For more information, see the Apple Software Service & Support Guide that
came with your Final Cut Pro documentation.

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