Final Cut Pro 6 - Setting Field Dominance in FinalCutPro

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Setting Field Dominance in Final Cut Pro

In Final Cut Pro, the field dominance of clips must match the sequence field
dominance. Otherwise, the fields stutter during playback because each pair of fields
plays back in the wrong order. For example, DV NTSC and DV PAL always have a field
dominance of Lower (Even). If you’re working in a sequence and you see that imported
clips are flickering, check to make sure the field dominance of those additional clips
matches the field dominance of your edited sequence.


You need to change the Field Dominance setting of your projects and

sequences only if you change your video hardware setup.

In Final Cut Pro, there are two options for field dominance:

 Upper (field 2 is dominant, so the second field is drawn first)
 Lower (field 1 is dominant, so the first field is drawn first)

Generally, Upper is used by 640 x 480 systems, while Lower is most common in
professional 720 x 486 and DV 720 x 480 systems.