Final Cut Pro 6 - Video Formats Supported by FinalCutPro

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Video Formats Supported by Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro supports any video format that uses an installed QuickTime codec.
QuickTime natively supports codecs used by a number of video devices, such as DV,
DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, HDV, and IMX devices. With these formats, the distinction
between file format and tape format is blurred, and transferring from tape to hard disk or
other media is essentially a file transfer, allowing you to edit footage natively. For more
information, choose HD and Broadcast Formats from the Final Cut Pro Help menu.

When you work with videotape formats such as Digital Betacam, D-5, Betacam SP, and so
on, you need a third-party video interface to connect to the SDI or analog component
video connectors on the deck. In this case, the video interface must convert the incoming
or outgoing video signal to or from a QuickTime codec. Many video interfaces come with
codecs for high-quality compressed and uncompressed editing.

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Appendix A

Video Formats