Final Cut Pro 6 - Using an AG-DVX100 NTSC Camcorder withAdvancedPullDown

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Using an AG-DVX100 NTSC Camcorder
with Advanced Pull-Down

The steps below explain the workflow for capturing and outputting 24p video using
the Panasonic AG-DVX100 NTSC camera. Other NTSC camcorders that use this
advanced pull-down method can also follow this workflow.

Step 1:

Shoot with advanced pull-down (23.98 fps at 29.97 fps)

Choose the 24p advanced pull-down option on your camera. This creates 29.97 fps
NTSC video that contains 23.98 fps progressive frames using a 2:3:3:2 pull-down pattern.

Step 2:

Remove 2:3:3:2 advanced pull-down from 24p video during capture

Choose or create a capture preset that has the “Remove Advanced Pulldown and/or
Duplicate During Capture From FireWire Sources” checkbox selected. This checkbox is
available when you edit a capture preset in the Capture Preset Editor window
(accessible from the Capture Presets tab of the Audio/Video Settings window).

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Part V


Duplicate video fields are discarded during capture, resulting in a 24p (23.98 fps) media
file on disk after capture.

If you have already captured your video at 29.97 fps, you can remove duplicate fields
from your media file after capture.

To remove 2:3:3:2 advanced pull-down from your media files after capture:


Select the 29.97 fps clips in the Browser, then choose Tools > Remove Advanced Pull-down.

Your media files will remain the same size, but they will be set to play back at 23.98 fps.
If no advanced pull-down flags are detected, the media file remains at 29.97 fps.

Step 3:

Edit at 23.98 fps

You can edit your footage in a 23.98 fps sequence. To preview your video on an
external NTSC monitor while you are editing, you can choose one of several pull-down
options to convert the 23.98 fps video to 29.97 fps. The 2:2:2:4 option is the least
processor-intensive, but it should only be used for previewing.

For more information about real-time pull-down options, see Volume III, Chapter 28,
“Using RT Extreme.”

Step 4:

Output back to 29.97 fps NTSC video with advanced pull-down

After you finish editing your movie, you can output back to 29.97 fps NTSC video
by introducing a pull-down pattern on the FireWire output. You can choose one of
several pull-down patterns, either from the RT pop-up menu in the Timeline or in the
Playback Control tab of the System Settings window. For output back to tape, you
should choose advanced pull-down (2:3:3:2), or normal telecine pull-down (2:3:2:3).

You can also export your movie to a 23.98 fps QuickTime movie or image sequence for
delivery to a video-to-film transfer lab.

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